Forbes Autos Drops Top Ten Luxury Cars for the Ladies

Forbes Autos is up to the list-making again, giving us the top ten list of luxe cars with the primary driver being a woman. While not as sexy as the men's list, the vehicles are more practical and comfortable, and packed with a lot more Volvos. Interesting to note that our favorite Saturn designer, Miss Vicki Vlachakis is quoted in the story about quality, "I think women have such a good eye for detail, the attention to detail is really important on the interior; on all of the key driving interfaces such as the gauges, shifter area, steering wheel and seats." Yeah, what she said. We accidentally put Vicki's gallery below the fold, along with the Forbes list, cause after all, who the heck wants to sit through Forbes' boring traffic baiting when you can sit through ours?

Forbes Top 10 Luxury Cars Driven by Women
10) Lexus IS350
9) Cadillac SRX
8) Range Rover Sport
7) Audi A6
6) Volvo S40
5) Lincoln MKZ
4) Volvo V70/C70 - data was collected together for these two. Yeah, wagon and hardtop vert, same segment.
3) Volvo S80
2) Audi A3
1) BMW Z4


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