Jalopnik Question Of The Day: Is GM Designer Vicki Vlachakis Hotter Than The Pontiac Solstice?

Is GM Design Manager Vicki Vlachakis better looking than the cars she designs? We'll call it the Ralph Gilles Effect (we're comfortable enough to admit he is better looking than a Chrysler 300, if just barely). Vlachakis is the pen behind the recently launched Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky convertibles. Described in this flattering Freep article as "Part car geek, part Malibu glam girl," her work has definitely been turning heads. House & Garden magazine recently named her one of America's top 50 tastemakers, but we must ask... is she to your taste? More importantly, is she more tasty than the car she helped design — the Pontiac Solstice? To put it in perspective, we've provided both a Vicki Vlachakis gallery below (provided by the always big pimpin' GM) and we'll use Ford design guru Peter Horbury, seen here, as the control subject for "average looking car designer."

California designin' [Freep]


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