Foolish Man Tries To Ride His Honda CRX Like A Skateboard And It Ends Very Badly

Yesterday, an Instagram user posted a Snapchat video of what appeared to be a human “skateboarding” an old Honda CRX. That is, coasting it down a hill while standing on the floorboards. The video ends with a dramatic crash. Is this video real? Fake? Physically real but also completely intentional? We’re leaning toward the latter.

Whatever it was, it was... kind of lame? I dunno. Whoever the skateboarder is appears to survive. The Instagram user who posted—handle whatthefuckingheck—identified him as Instagram user walnutpancakes, who said in a comment in a different post that the CRX was “not really” good anymore and that he planned to “strip it and/or sell it.”

The CRX, indeed, took a hit:


I can think of many more uses for an old Honda CRX than this. The cars are so few and far between these days, having barely survived the Tuner Wars.

If you have one, do not do this!

[h/t Paulo]

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Fake. Fake. Fake.