Caution Is Out For A Wreck At This Local Intersection

And it looks like the caution flag is out, folks, for a wreck at an intersection in Charlotte, North Carolina around the time of NASCAR’s “Laps Uptown” parade before race weekend. Someone’s spotter is going to be in trouble for this one.


Looking back at a replay of why we’re under caution here, it seems like the Camry-branded Toyota Camry just pulled out in front of another driver. That’ll have major playoff implications.

Neither cars were up to speed at the time, so it looks like both will be able to continue on with four Goodyear tires and some Sunoco fuel on this round of pit stops. Beating the five-minute repair clock and getting off of pit road before they lose a lap will be imperative, but they’ll need to salvage a good finish somehow if they want to make it to the next round of the playoffs.


We’ll be back for the restart after this commercial break. (Alright, no we won’t.)

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Er, we really need to talk about that girl. I mean, she doesn’t even look toward the noise at all. The whole thing is mysterious.