Food Carts Are A Terrorist Threat According To New York City

New York City's public safety officials are actually worried that food trucks could be a breeding ground for terrorist activity.


I don't know if they ever noticed, but I think the guys who work in those carts and box trucks are too busy trying to earn enough money to survive in one of America's most expensive cities to worry about participating in terrorist plots. And although the Big Apple's food carts run the gamut from Latin food to schnitzel, I don't have to point out that a great many of them sell halal food. That's right. Muslims. Scary.

FDNY is concerned that popular food carts could be loaded with explosives and used to blow up New York's lunchtime crowd.

So next time you grab a lamb pita with whitesaucehotsauce, for god's sake make the vendor taste it first, lest he be part of a nefarious plot to poison the city's population. Also, keep an eye out for hand grenades, and AK-47s, and weird communication equipment they might be using to transmit updates about the movements of the Zionist hot dog cart on the next block.

But I think Bloomberg's jumpy public safety peeps are missing the point. Real terrorism would be shutting down food carts, which is where impecunious lads such as myself go in hordes for lunch.


Photo credit: Associated Press

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