What It's Like To Fly Over An Active Volcano

Why not hop into a tiny plane with a design rooted in the 1950s and fly right over an active volcano? Specifically, Iceland's headline-making Bárðarbunga glacier-melter?

You're riding in a Jodel D-140 over the stark beauty of Iceland, where this very volcano melts cauldrons in glaciers and threatens to shut down air traffic across the western world. At least you're in the hands of an experienced bush pilot. Peruse this guy's YouTube channel and you'll see what I mean.


Here's how he describes the trip.

4th -5th September 2014. Me, my father, my cousin and Lára Ómarsdóttir news reporter flew to the highlands of Iceland with a tent to see the volcano eruption in twilight. The trip was amazing as we were the first to see a new fissure open in the ground two kilometers from the main fissure. We spent the night at Sauðárflugvöllur, high in the highlands and woke up at 4:30 in the morning as the temperature was only at 0 deg Celcius. We had to remove some ice from the wings before we took off in the morning fog. The plane is a Jodel D-140 TF-ULF and the cameras I used was Canon 60D and GoPro 2 and 3. The song is by my friend Jónas Haraldsson. The photographs are by Haukur Snorrason. haukur@snorrason.is.

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Props for including the proper diacriticals on Bárðarbunga. Every other news outlet just says "fuck it."