Florida Woman Sets Car On Fire Over McFlurry, Onlookers Claim

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Witnesses at a Jacksonville McDonald's say that a woman set a man's car on fire after he refused to buy her a McFlurry.

As local Action News reports, onlookers claim a woman started arguing with a man at about half past midnight early last Sunday morning. Action News spoke with witness Sabryna Maré, who describes the escalating drama.

She was saying she wanted this and wanted that, and she wanted either a McFlurry or an ice cream on top and he was not in for it. Then he was yelling at her saying he's not going to do it.


Maré continues.

Next thing you know, she says 'I'm going to blow it up,' and we were wondering what are you going to blow up?

Maré goes on to say that she saw the woman pour gasoline on a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado and then lit it on fire. The man tried to put the car out, but it was no use. First the woman reportedly disappeared, then the man, then the car. Here is video of the blaze.


NY Daily News, however, reports the woman identified as Melanie Cross, who spoke with local WFTV News and denies the witness' account.

This happened in the drive-thru. I was alone and my car caught fire [...] I left the scene because I was scared," she said, "I will admit I do not have a license, I shouldn't have been driving at all.


No matter what the cause of the fire, the NY Daily News is certainly right in their assessment that the owner of the car is "NOT lovin' it."

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