Florida Postal Worker Caught Dumping Your Mail In The Trash

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If you’re wondering why the tracking number on your mail takes you to a landfill, a restaurant surveillance camera caught a U.S. Postal Service worker throwing hundreds of mail items in the dumpster behind the store, including personal letters, post cards and hundreds of business flyers.

In the news reel clip below from WBBH, you can see a U.S. postal worker pull up to the restaurant’s dumpster and proceed to unload entire boxes of mail.


An investigation into the identity of the postal worker has been opened by the inspector general’s office.

According to the report, there have been 493 arrests made in connection to mail theft and destruction, but in those cases, it’s not usually the postal worker that’s gone totally postal.

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Probably just sick of carrying around those bullshit mail flyers. Seriously, fuck this shit. It pisses me off when I get five pounds of these in my mailbox every week - not only does the mail person have to carry it around but it wastes my time and it’s a waste of trees. More power to this mail carrier - you have my permission to throw these away at will.