What Should Be America's Next Mail Truck?

The pug-like Grumman we've seen shuttling mail around American neighborhoods since the 1980's is finally bowing out. The USPS is already collecting bids on the next-gen mail van... so what the heck should they go for?


Mailpeople have said they're looking for a larger cargo area than the old Grumman, with doors that stand the test of being open and shut a million times a week and a windshield that actually keeps rain out.

If they're looking for a conventional gas-burner, I'd think a Ram ProMaster City, Nissan NV, or Ford Transit Connect would all get the job done nicely. But perhaps Elon Musk can cook up something a little sexier to bring us packages and pre-approved credit cards into the future.

Image via Bill Ward/Flickr

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