The mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, has traded in his GMC Yukon Denali, seized from a local pimp. What's Buckhorn's new ride? It's a brand-new Suburban, bought with money from the Republican National Convention. From pimps to pork, then.

The old Denali was a 2005 model taken from infamous local pimp Melvin Fox, who was charged with sex trafficking, sexual battery, and allegedly forcing someone's daughter into prostitution. Buckhorn thought the SUV would be perfect for his kids, right after he took off the chrome spinners.


Buckhorn gave the Denali back to the Tampa police department, and it is now assigned to an officer.

Buckhorn's new whip, issued to him by the city, is significantly more subdued. It's one of 13 black Suburbans purchased for transporting dignitaries around the RNC. The Republican Party bought these vehicles brand new, and they fit perfectly into Buckhorn's mantra of not spending taxpayer money on his car.

The taxpayer still pays his gas bill, but at least they're not paying to keep him big pimpin.


(Hat tip to Matt!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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