Florida Man Charged With Stealing BMW That He Tried To Buy With Food Stamps

Image via Martin County Sheriff’s Dept.

Florida Man is at it again. This time, he attempted to answer the question: “Why buy food, when you can get a really ugly BMW instead?” Authorities say that he’s been charged with stealing a car after a dealership declined his offer to purchase it with food stamps.

According to Fox 29, 36-year-old Nicholas Jackson went to a BMW dealership in Pompano Beach, Fla. and offered to purchase a $60,000 BMW X6 using a combination of his EBT card and credit cards. Management at the BMW dealership were a bit confused, and refused his business.


On its Facebook page, the Martin County Sheriff’s department says that Jackson then broke into the dealership the next day and stole the BMW along with keys to 60 other vehicles. Despite the his determination, sheriff’s officials say he did not have enough money to fill up the tank on the stolen car. He ran out of gas and was apprehended shortly after.

Jackson has been charged with grand theft auto and is currently in jail with a $20,000 bond. Maybe something a little more fuel-efficient would have been a better pick?

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