Image credit: Brevard County Fire and Rescue

Just in case you thought that none of the cool kids ever do anything as lame as really making sure their loads in pickup truck beds are completely secure, let me scare you straight, you little punk: look what happens when you don’t properly secure your loads. You can cause situations like this, where a sheet of plywood sliced almost all the way through this Accord’s windshield. Yikes.


This happened on Interstate 95 in Brevard County, Florida, when a 35-year-old Melborne, Florida woman was driving her 2016 Honda Accord behind a 2006 Chevy pickup that was hauling sheets of plywood.

While the plywood was secured, it clearly wasn’t secured well enough, as one sheet broke free and sailed off behind the truck, and knifed right through the center of the Honda’s windshield, narrowly missing the driver.

The driver of the Honda was able to keep her shit together (no small feat) and pull over safely, sustaining only had minor injuries.

The 51-year-old truck driver was ticketed for failing to properly secure his load.


(Thanks, Sarah!)

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