Florida Cop Transports Mattress, Box Spring With Squad Car

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A Miami police officer was suspended for moving a mattress and a box spring on the roof of her squad car. This is the second infraction in Miami PD's new "take-home" car program.


The take-home program allows officers to rent out their marked cruisers for 40 cents/mile while they're off duty. It is designed to add to marked police presence in Miami-Dade County as well as save the department substantial amounts of money. We don't know where transporting mattresses fits into that plan.

The department punished the officer by relegating her to clerical duty. She has a record of infractions and she is six days away from retiring — so this punishment allows her to bilk the community and still keep her pension.

Last November, another officer was caught speeding at 122 mph in one of these take-home cars.

Yeah, this program is totally working.

Photo Credit: WPLG Miami


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