Fisker Takes $5,000 Pre-Orders for First-Edition Ocean EV (CORRECTION)

Initial reservation holders will still get their hands on the EV one day, but will miss out on the first-edition Fisker Ocean arriving in 2023.

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A photo of a blue Fisker Ocean electric SUV taken at sunset.
Fisker is asking for an extra $5k for people hoping to buy an Ocean SUV.
Photo: Fisker

If you placed a deposit to buy a bougie new electric SUV when it launched, you might think that meant you’re in line to get one as soon as it materializes. But this week, Fisker Ocean reservation holders discovered that they might need to cough up a $5,000 downpayment if they really do want to buy one of the first EVs to launch.

The Ocean is the latest potentially real EV from startup Fisker. Unveiled in 2019, the $37,499 electric SUV was set to enter production in 2021. As with every EV startup, it faced delays, and now Fisker says it will begin building the Ocean at its Austrian factory in November this year.

Since its unveiling, Fisker has been collecting $250 deposits from anyone hoping to be first in line to buy an Ocean whenever it’s finally ready to hit the streets.


But before any of the reported 40,000 reservation holders can get their hand on the all-electric SUV, Fisker has written, asking reservation holders for more money. According to Electrek, the car maker has asked reservation holders for an additional $5,000 in a nonrefundable downpayment if they want to pre-order its launch-spec Ocean.

A photo of two Fisker Ocean electric SUVs parked back to back on sand.
Photo: Fisker

Fisker has launched a pre-order program for its limited-edition Fisker Ocean One vehicles. The firm said it would build 5,000 examples from November 2022, and each comes with “premium features” like 23-inch wheels, recycled carbon fiber inserts and a bespoke interior.

This limited-edition Fisker Ocean One model will cost $68,999.

Any reservation holder hoping to get their hands on one of these first-edition cars might be shocked to learn that this will involve throwing down even more money for a car that hasn’t yet begun production.


In an email sent to reservation holders and seen by Electrek, Fisker said:

“Only 5,000 Launch Edition Fisker Ocean Ones will be made. Fisker is inviting select groups of reservation holders to commit to securing their Fisker Ocean One by making a $5,000 non-refundable pre-order deposit.

“Select Fisker Ocean One to confirm your choice of a Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One. Production starts in November 2022. Delivery timing will be dependent upon your pre-order date and delivery location. We expect all deliveries of the Fisker Ocean One to occur by end of September 2023. At this time, Fisker is only confirming pre-orders for the Launch Edition Fisker Ocean One.”

A photo of a black fluffy dog hanging its head out the rear window of a Fisker Ocean SUV.
Fisker Ocean: Dog not included.
Photo: Fisker

The move will be even more concerning for people hoping to get their hands on a base-level Fisker Ocean anytime soon. The entry level SUV was set to start at $37,499 and the firm said it would not raise prices for the 2022 and 2023 model years.


But, earlier this year it committed to focusing production on the pricier Fisker Ocean Ultra and Fisker Ocean Extreme models, once it has built all 5,000 launch edition models. The firm suggested that it may only begin production of the entry-level Ocean Sport in “modest volumes” in 2023, before production levels can increase the following year.

Correction (2 P.M. ET July 6th 2022): This story initially suggested that Fisker had written to all Ocean reservation holders asking for the $5,000 downpayment. In reality, the additional payment is just for anyone looking to reserve the limited-edition Fisker Ocean One.