The Fisker Ocean's 'California Mode' Is Less Cool Than It Sounds

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The definitely real and totally not fake ecologically-conscious Fisker Ocean is slated to hit the showroom sometime in 2021, and the automaker is already trying to get people pumped up about its all-electric SUV by explaining one of its most head-scratching features: California Mode. It is, unfortunately, not as cool as it sounds.


Fisker leaked this information on its own Facebook page in a very, very brief post. California Mode, unfortunately, is not as obscenely cool as it sounds. Your car does not turn into a surfboard, bleach your hair blonde, or give you a shark-tooth necklace. It does not automatically drive you to In-N-Out while playing Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It does not even find the nearest Los Angeles traffic jam to get you stuck in.


No. California Mode rolls down some windows.

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Nine windows, in fact. All at once, with the push of one single button!

Which, I mean, is still kind of nice. It certainly saves a lot of time trying to open every single one individually. I don’t know if I’d qualify that as a whole-ass driving mode, but I am not an automaker and therefore my opinion on these things is not taken into account.


So, there you have it: California mode is for opening windows.

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Dubblewhopper- 666% chance he'll be going to hell

I was hoping for a NYC mode. The car would roll down the windows and instead of a horn the car through a loudspeaker say "GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!".