First Time Russian Driver Freaks Out, Forgets About Steering

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You know how, sometimes, when you’re in a panic, you end up doing exactly the thing you’re not supposed to do? I suspect this Russian student driver knows what I’m talking about, right? Da?

This dashcam video seems to be from a Russian driving instructor, who is out on a first drive with a student. From what it looks like, the student approaches a busy road, but instead of turning onto the road, she seems instead to forget the purpose of the large wheel-like control under that big front window, and proceeds to speed across the street, through two fences, over a curb, and almost into a little convenience-store-looking kiosk thing. It’s a mess.

The very name of the video, machine-translated from Russian, is “Everything is Broken.” That’s sort of a depressingly poetic sentiment, an idea you can imagine playing through the brain of the driving instructor as he sits in his ruined car, panicked student beside him, and silently wonders just where it all went so wrong.

If anyone can translate the screams in Russian, that would be great, but I suspect they’re something like “STEER!” or “TURN! TURN! DEAR GOD, WHY WON’T SHE TURN?” and maybe “STOP!”


Driving instructors have jobs as dangerous as racecar drivers, I think.

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