First-Look Video of Ford Shelby GT: Enter The New Mustang, Same As The Old?

You know, for all the hype surrounding this car, and as we reported earlier this morning, FoMoCo's taken some of the truly important pieces of the Ford GT (re: the brakes and tire tech) and dropped them into this new pony, it looks pretty much the exact same as a regular Mustang GT. In fact, so much so we're now totally underwhelmed. It feels kinda like every time a competitor like the German-American hybrid or the General drops a new product, FoMoCo is dropping a variant of an old product in retort. Can somebody say "product pipeline issues?" Eventually though, Ford's gonna have to release a new product, rather than a new GT, or new tow-rating on an old truck, won't they? For the time being, check out this first-look video, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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