Rally 'Round The Ford! GT Ends Production, Owners Gather In Dearborn

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With FoMoCo ending the limited-run production of the Ford GT supercar next month as they shut down the Wixom assembly, it's obviously a time for sentimentality. It explains why the Dearborn automaker invited GT owners from far and wide to head on down to Bill Fords big glass house for some punch and pie with the people who helped make the GT a reality. But although Jeremy Clarkson may not have been one of the owners in attendance, he should feel content that all of the work he put in on breaking and re-breaking his own GT is going towards something good, namely the Shelby GT 500. But wait, that's like a different platform and stuff — how'd they manage that? Well, according to FoMoCo:

According to Thai-Tang, the new Shelby GT500 is a direct descendant of the GT.

"There was a deliberate transfer of technology, design elements and talent from the Ford GT to the Shelby GT500," he said. "Many of the engineers from the GT program moved on to work on the GT500. In addition, the two vehicles have a common displacement engine with the same valvetrain and similar levels of performance. Other shared hardware includes the brake system along with the tire construction and compound."


Ok, so the big deal is the brakes and the tires. Ok, so maybe Clarkson woulda been better off with a Noble or something.

But hey, we've got to give major props to our man Jonathan for capturing a few of these pictures as he saw a parade of not one but a fleet of GT's heading down 14 Mile Rd last week. His e-mail alerted us to the story, and we in turn alerted Ford PR to the fact that "hey, maybe y'all shoulda had some pictures of this shindig..." Way to be on top of the ball, Jonathan!

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