Well, it's certainly been raining spy photos of the 2009 Chevy Camaro around these parts this week, isn't it? First it was our first set of interior photos of the new Camaro, and then word last night Chevy's new two-door man-o-war was making its way into LA. Our super-secret sources have snapped some more blurry camera phone shots for us of Chevy's new muscle car and for the first time we're able to take a look at the engine bay of the new RWD Aussie mullet-master. Unfortunately, it's only housing an engine with a 6 in it rather than a big ol' V8, but beggars can't be choosers. We're assuming that's the 3.6-liter that's currently found in the Pontiac G8. In addition to the engine pr0n, we've also got a hot shot of interior shots — with a little bit more detail than before. So what can we now say conclusively? Well, we're liking the door panels and the lighting on the center stack is helping to make things look a little bit less plastic-y. And check out that halo of light around the tach and speedo! And oh yes, it appears the Camaro will have OnStar.

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