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UPDATE: We bought the durn pictures ourselves and as you can see, it wasn't just a new 2009 Chevy Camaro caught β€” it was a fleet of them! It seems that spy photos nabbed a pair of Chevy Camaro prototypes testing around Melbourne, Australia. They were, no surprise, accompanied by a pair of Ford Mustangs. From what we can see of the heavily disguised Camaro, it certainly seems to borrow heavily from the Camaro and Camaro prototypes we've already seen. The Camaro is slated for production early in 2009, followed later by a Camaro convertible. Pics of the concept production Camaro fleet caught below and full spy report below the jump.

By now we have all seen the Chevy Camaro concept car at major auto shows. Some lucky magazine editors have even driven early prototypes. But now these spy photos, taken by an amateur photographer, capture a group of the latest Chevy Camaro test cars undergoing testing recently outside Melbourne, Australia.

It might at first seem odd to find the Camaro being tested in Australia, but that is because GM's Australian arm, Holden, is leading the development work on the Camaro. The new Camaro is based on GM's global rear-drive architecture, which also underpin's Holden's VE Commodore range of cars.

The car is getting very close to production-ready and is due on-sale in the States sometime in 2008 as a 2009 model. A convertible version is expected to follow about a year later.

Note also the pair of Mustangs that are traveling with them for benchmarking purposes.

Credit line: Christa Lehmann / Hidden Image