The seasons are changing from cold to hot, and Game of Thrones is coming back on soon, so an ice-and-fire-themed Hoon of the Day seems appropriate. Our fire is provided by a Subaru 360, and our ice from a VW 412. Should be enriching.

That little Subaru 360 up there essentially declines to hoon, abandoning the planned ice-lot donuts, but giving a nice consolation prize a a fuegofart exhaust. This is where my two-stroke ignorance shows — is this an easy thing to do in a two-stroke car? Any Trabant owners around want to enlighten me?

Next we have this short but fun clip of some nice Finnish ice drifting. What makes this one special is the use of a VW Type 4 — this one the 2nd gen 412. You hardly ever see these at all, and I always liked them, though they tend to be the most unloved of the air-cooled VWs. Still, all that weight in the back probably makes for a pretty exciting ice drifting car. I need to hunt one of these down for a classic review, already.

Enjoy the little glimpses of ice, fire, and rear engines.