Finnish Economist Delivers Economic Outlook Report In The Most Finnish Way Possible: From Inside A Rally Car

The Finnish bank S-Bank, like many banks, employs economists to evaluate the current economic situation and try their best to extrapolate what may be coming next. They do this three times a year, when they release their Economic Outlook. Normally, these are pretty dry. But not this time. In order to inject a little much-needed fun into what is, let’s face it, a fairly grim vision of our economic future, S-Bank sent their Chief Economist out to deliver the Economic Outlook in the passenger seat of an ass-hauling rally car. Much better.

The Chief Economist is Timo Hirvonen and the driver is two-time rally champion Marcus Grönholm, driving a somewhat older Mitsubishi Evo rally car.


Okay, get ready for the most engaging Economic Outlook you’ve ever endured:

I really, really like that the Chief Economist wore his usual business suit. I also like that the driver is asking the necessary questions to move the Outlook along.

Too bad the overall picture is so, at best, uncertain: the stupid global trade wars are making everything so uncertain that it’s stifling new businesses and business growth, and eventually that will affect employment numbers.

“Both the world and the Finnish economy are facing slowing growth,” he said, “risks are growing. The trade war is hitting the industry and global trade.” He’s not going so far as to say there will definitely be a recession, but it does look like a good time to maybe play it safe.


Scary stuff—but fun when it comes from inside a rally car? Right, everyone? Right? What’s that, you have to check on your 401(k) right now?


Anyway, I’d say the takeaway here is that the smart money gets put into your own personal amateur racing car. That always delivers lots of return on your investment.

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