Finish Those TPS Reports So You Can Buy the Office Space Porsche 911

You know how you've always wanted to drive a genuine movie car, but your life partner is too selfish to sell their kidneys so you can buy an original Batmobile? What a jerk. Well, don't give up — you can buy the Porsche 911 from Office Space, and it's cheap! And it doesn't really run! It's perfect!

The car is Bill Lumbergh's 911SC, from somewhere between 1978-1983. Lumbergh was the awful, awful boss from the movie, a hideous amalgam of every jackass boss of a certain type we've all had. This should jog your memory:

The car is only ever seen in the movie parked, or parking. Its one big scene in the movie involves its rear bumper getting yanked off by a tow truck, and it seems the car itself is still only really in condition to re-enact that scene. Here's what the seller says about it:

Listing is for Bill Lumbergh's Porsche 911 SC from the movie, Office Space! 22,428 miles! Clean, clear, TX title.

ZERO MILES on NEW 17" x 9" 15mm offset and 17" x 7" 23.3mm offset Fuchs (correct SC offsets), balanced 255/40R17 and 225/45R17 tires, and lug bolts.

1971 2.2L 911T engine #7002 (911/07 6117002) is complete, minus Zenith 40 TIN carburetors (but includes intake manifolds and carburetor linkage). Engine needs rebuild. Cylinder heads are off and just got back from the machine shop! Five speed 901 transmission.

Needs complete restoration.


So, yeah, it needs some work. But those wheels are brand new! They'll match the new set of carbs you'll need to get. Still, it's not a bad start for a restoration project, and I've always has a soft spot for these somewhat unloved '80s-era 911s. I even like the massive rubber blocks on the rear bumper, in a perverse way.

I tried contacting the seller for some sort of proof or documentation proving this is, in fact, the car from the movie, but got no response. I believe the Texas location would support the claim, and the color, model, etc. So, it's either the car, or a very clever way to unload a similar abandoned project car.


Still, $7500 for a movie car isn't bad, and you'd finally have a reason to wear all those contrasting-collar button-downs you have stashed in the bottom of that drawer.

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