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The overarching problem with McLarens, if you ask me, is that they are simply too fast and too large for children to sit in comfortably. No child is going to be able to see over the wheel of a P1. No child can reach the pedals in the F1. This is a problem and McLaren has just resolved it.


“But think of the children!” some bloke at McLaren probably shouted, shaking his fist at the ceiling of the surgically clean factory. “What about the children?”

And so, the 570S Step2 Push Sports Car was created. Teaming up with U.S. toy company Step2, the McLaren push car has a storage area under the seat for storing Gundam action figures and multiple cup holders for securing cans of Red Bull or whatever it is kids these days are drinking. Is Capri Sun still a thing?

The push car also rides smoothly thanks to special wheels. The flat-based steering wheel also emits electronic noises when the tot gets tired of making the sounds with their mouths themselves.

Power comes via a rear-mounted power plant, also known as The Parent or The Nanny, depending on who buys this push car. Please note that the power plant isn’t shown in the above photo.


You can get the McLaren push car on Amazon starting in September for $79.99.

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