Here's The First All-Electric McLaren P1 Testing On Track

Holy shit. We’ve heard the rumors, but now we actually see it on the track. McLaren’s new all-electric P1 is full of unexpected twists: a central driving position like the F1, a zero to top speed in just two seconds, and it’s the only fully open-top McLaren P1 ever. Also, it seems to be even lighter. I’m in awe.

Here, see for yourself:

I guess it’s worth mentioning that the top speed is about 3 mph, and if you’re older than, say, 6, you probably won’t fit in it. Still, it’s got the dihedral doors and a three speeds plus reverse!


A hell of an achievement in the world of hypercars.

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Read headline. Became furious. Immediately clicked on video. Watched with increased levels of anger. Anger subsides. Read further down the article. Realized that I should always read the damned article before I click on the video.