McLaren Beats Apple To The Punch, Releases Electric Car First

Last week we dealt with the bizarre news that Apple—which has reportedly been working on its own electric car—was in talks to buy McLaren. McLaren denied the chatter, and I think it’s because it was secretly working on this thing and it didn’t want Apple’s paws on it. Meet McLaren’s first electric car. It’s on the compact side.

Today, McLaren unveiled an electrified version of the awesome P1 hypercar, which can hit zero to a maximum speed of about three miles per hour faster than you can spit. It’s called the McLaren P1TM, and it’s meant for budding drivers between the ages of three and six. Or whoever else can fit in the seat.


Like the legendary McLaren F1, the P1TM offers a central seating position and an open top as well. You won’t find that in any other P1. It comes with the familiar dihedral doors, so no climbing over them necessary.

This yellow you see is the only color available, and in the place of a screaming twin-turbocharged V8, drivers can hone their skills with catchy tunes like “Hickory Dickory Dock.”

There are three speeds, plus a reverse gear. For when you gotta leave the monkey bars to make it home in time for dinner.


The P1TM will be sold alongside its older (though admittedly more low-tech) siblings from certain McLaren stores by the end of October for £375, or approximately $486. That’s not a bad price for being the coolest kid on the block.

I’ll wager that we can take hints from this little car for the all-electric McLaren P1 successor. It’s going to happen, dammit.


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