FHP Looking at Black Box From BMW M5 Airstrip Crash

The Florida Highway Patrol have pulled the black box from the pulverized 2008 BMW M5 remains involved in the high speed crash at Jumbolair Estates last Saturday. Estimates of the events leading up to the accident have up until now been based on the forensic evidence (and the equations of projectile motion) and a BMW M5 Forum the driver visited before the crash, but there may be additional details in the on board computer. This line of investigation may be fruitless however, if we are to believe a statement from BMW about the situation.


BMW of America spokesman Tom Plucinsky states the 2008 M5 does not record data, unlike previous models, because "the information was not accurate enough to reconstruct crash scenarios." Interesting. Despite this assertion from BMW, we're certain Florida's finest will be digging around in the black box for all the data they can get. When reached for comment, the president of my high school physics club said he could barely wait to add the V sub naught to his equations and solve for distance and aerodynamic effect, instead of the other way around. [via Ocala.com]

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