Flying BMW Crashes and Kills Occupants, Darwin Wins

UPDATE: Seems that the young'un involved with the Ocala BMW crash was a frequent poster to a BMW M5 forum. Racing down the main runway of the gated "Jumbolair Aviation Estates" in Dad's BMW probably seemed like a fun idea whether just for the thrill of speed in a test of machinery against an opponent. It was a fun idea right up until the point when the runway ran out, and the car went air born off the 85 foot berm at the end. 200 feet later the car and its five male occupants met their end half way up a tree as the vehicle split in half, spilling the youths into the wilderness. So fierce was the accident, our well trained eyes can't tell what kind of BMW we're looking at. When you watch the video, we think you'll agree the scale of this carnage will assuredly place these gents as early favorites for the 2008 Darwin Awards. And yes, as every other outlet is reporting — the crash occurred at John Travolta's air strip. We've yet to find what bearing this has on the price of tea in China, but when or if we do, you'll be the first to know. [via MSNBC]


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