Ferrari's Opening A Hotel In Spain So You Can Now Sleep In A Ferrari

Ferrari's branching out from just the high-end sportscar business and getting into the hotel racket, leveraging all those years of racing to finally make a hotel that's the size of a Raddison, but handles like a B&B. Their first hotel (and second theme park) will be in Barcelona, and will be, of course, Ferrari red.

The hotel is slated to be opened in 2016, and will be their first hotel. The associated Ferrari Land theme park will actually be the second one, since there's already a Ferrari theme park, FerrariWorld, in Abu Dhabi. The planned architecture for the new hotel is meant to evoke either the front wing of their F1 cars or the noses/grilles of their street cars, depending on who you ask.


The hotel will have about 250 rooms, an outdoor pool, and a driving simulator. No word on if their cars will come with Hotel Simulators to keep balance, or if the hotel's flagship restaurant will have open-flame grilles made to look like Ferrari engine bays.

I'm pretty sure Ferrari's hotels and theme parks will be a smashing success, not like Europe's only other auto-maker-branded lodging experiment: when Oltcit opened a chain of budget motels across Eastern Europe in the late 1980s called Holtcitels.*

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