Ferrari's New Security System: It’s A Lion

Illustration for article titled Ferrari's New Security System: It’s A Lion

Arab Motors TV and the Gold Rush Rally have unveiled this image of Ferrari's new security system consisting of a lion that sits on top of your car. That's it. Just a lion on your Ferrari.

While it will absolutely, positively keep every car thief away from your car, you will get some scratches in the paint. Really, Ferrari, it would all be easier if you offered the 458 with a thief-baffling stick shift.


Photo Credit: Arab Motors TV via goldRush Rally/Facebook

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Not sure it would work...

I drove around with a cougar in the back seat, didn't do much to deter theft. I think it was actually drawing attention to the car.

And all the comments about my driving was really getting on my nerves. ''You drive too fast, slow down!'', '' Did you not see that car merging?'' , '' why can't you accelerate gently?'' , '' what is that whining sound in the hood? '', ...