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Ferrari's F150 Hypercar Might Be A 950 Horsepower Dominatrix

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember when we found out that the McLaren P1 would have 903 horsepower a couple of hours ago? Well, it sounds like the Ferrari F150 will have 950 horsepower. Maranello is getting ready to kick some ass and possibly take some names.

At least 950 is the rumored number from an insider that claims to have knowledge of the car. To break that down, it would be 800 horsepower from the melifluous/orgasmic V12 as well as an extra 150 horsepower from two electric motors, one of which is supposedly inside the double clutch gearbox. Sounds like a very trick setup. Or my Italian translating skills need some work.


Acceleration figures are said to be staggering, with 0 to 60 times of less than three seconds and a 0 to 125 time of 7.3 seconds. 

The F150 is also said to be very compact, about the same size as the 458 Italia. The price isn't compact. Rumored MSRP is €1.2 million. That's $1.6 million. That's more than I make in a week!


We'll see the real deal at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple weeks.

(Hat Tip to @danieleparisci!)