Ferrari's Purosangue Crossover Will Be Unveiled Next Week, Sounds Like a Car

Ferrari's long-awaited V12 SUV will be unveiled on September 13th. Teaser video makes it sound... fine.

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Screenshot: Ferrari on Twitter

We knew quite a few things about the Ferrari Purosangue before today. We knew the long-awaited Ferrari SUV was getting a V12 engine, and we knew it was coming in September. Now, however, we know a bit more: Its exact release date, and what the utility vehicle will sound like when it finally launches.

Ferrari tweeted a teaser for the Purosangue today, with the September 13 release date laid over a darkened view of the crossover. All that is backed by the roar of the V12 engine, which sounds... fine. It’s certainly An Car. Give it a listen for yourself:


That sure is a motor vehicle! I’m aware, Twitter’s video compression is likely influencing the outcome here, but I’ve played this sound both on little MacBook speakers and on my desktop studio monitors, and it’s just not that compelling. It’s tamped down, muffled, dare I say boring.

Sure, crossovers are meant to be more banal than Ferrari’s usual fare, but the Purosangue should still live up to the prancing horse badge. The company wants the Purosangue to be a truly fitting part of its lineup, but it sounds... meh?


The Purosangue is meant to take the fight to Lamborghini’s Urus, continuing the rivalry the brands have had since Lambo’s earliest days. But, listening to both vehicles, the Urus is absolutely raucous — popping, crackling, roaring and wailing. The Purosangue is, by comparison, muted.


The Ferrari lacks snap and snarl. It’s more a dull purr than an angry roar. Or, y’know, whatever the horse version of purring or roaring is. I’ll reserve judgement until we can hear the Purosangue in person, but for now count me underwhelmed.