Ferrari Might Be Building A Crossover, Maybe, I Guess, Reportedly?

Photo credit: Ferrari
Photo credit: Ferrari

Every so often there comes a rumor that Ferrari is building some sort of crossover/SUV thing, and the inevitable response is something about Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne’s dead body. It’s another day on Planet Earth.


From Car magazine:

Ferrari is bowing to the inevitable and drawing up plans for a sports car with more than a hint of genus off-roader about it.

Despite years of denying it would build an SUV, CAR magazine can confirm that it’s now an active project in Maranello - and even has its own codename: F16X, which will be built alongside the next-gen GTC4 shooting brake range.


Car goes on to say that Ferrari’s doing it because Aston Martin’s doing it and Lamborghini’s doing it, which I suppose is as good a reason as any, except for that Aston Martin is run by a CEO who will only “like” our tweets demanding he get drunk with us but WILL NOT ACTUALLY RESPOND and Lamborghini is run by a bunch of maniacal Germans.

Also, Lamborghini has a history of making SUVs.

Anyways, Marchionne said you’d have to shoot him for Ferrari to make an SUV, but if Car is to be believed it’ll debut in 2021. And Sergio’s done in 2019. So by then, I guess he might as well be dead, in the car world at least.

We sent Ferrari an e-mail asking them to comment on the story, and will update if they respond.

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I’m sure Ferrari will be at pains to say it is not an SUV but some newly invented term for a high riding grand touring car with all wheel drive.

Mind you if Ferrari decide to give it some motorsport credibility by entering it in the Dakar I would be okay with that.