Ferrari F1 Team Tries To Calm International Incident By Acting Like Dicks

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On February 15th of this year two military personnel an Italian Navy vessel shot and killed two approaching Indian fisherman near the coast of India. This sparked an international incident still under investigation.


So how has Ferrari prepared for this weekend's tense Indian Grand Prix? They painted the flag of the Italian Navy on their nose.

Piracy is a major problem in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea and the Italian Navy vessel was guarding an Italian oil tanker there. Italian officials claim that the Indian fishing boat approached the tanker aggressively and ignored warning shots, reports the BBC. The Italians claim they mistook the fishermen for Somali pirates.

Indian officials say that nine of the eleven people aboard the Indian boat were asleep and the two awake were steering. They maintain that there were no weapons aboard. Indian officials also claim that the Italians fired instantly and in violation of internation anti-piracey guidelines, reports the Times of India.

In February, the Indian state of Kerala's government charged two of the Italian marines for murder and they were later detained and remain in Indian custody.

In the midst of this ongoing controversy, we have the Indian Grand Prix, one of the world's most watched sports events and we have Ferrari, the sport's most popular team competing there.

Ferrari's official statement regarding the incident is at least sensible.

In [carrying the flag of the Italian Navy on the cars], Ferrari pays tribute to one of the outstanding entities of our country, also in the hope that the Indian and Italian authorities will soon find a solution to the situation currently involving two sailors from the Italian Navy.


For decades Ferrari has stood for the pride of Italy. In the face of economic trouble, corruption, or bunga bunga parties, Ferrari has always served as a symbol for Italian ingenuity, industry, and modernity.

But this is a clumsy way to show their support that's already serving to piss off the locals and could cause more, not less, trouble for the two men being detained. Italian diplomacy!


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Ferrari (nose inset)



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