Ferrari Auctions Off Its Heart Of Gold Yet Again

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Ferrari did it once before with the Ferrari TheFerrari and now it’s doing it again with the Ferrari TheFerrari Open: it’s building one last car and proceeds from the sale will go towards charity. Angelic!


Currently, there have only been 209 TheFerrari Opens produced and sold, which is quite frankly an annoying and uneven number. This last charity-Ferrari would bring that figure up to a nice and even 210 cars.


The charity-Ferrari hasn’t been built yet, though, according to this RM Sotheby’s listing. But once it is, it’ll have “a new and unique livery to be unveiled during Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary on 9 September.”

Which charity will benefit from the Ferrari’s sale remains unclear, but the listing assures us that all proceeds and not just a cut will be donated. The anticipated price for the car lies between €3 and €4 million, or $3.5 to $4.7 million. Bless.

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The only person allowed to refer to the LaFerrari as ‘The Ferrari TheFerrari’