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Ferrari will be broadcasting the live reveal of the Ferrari California, which really should be called "Live From Maranello, It's The Ferrari California!" Unfortunately, it's just a streaming live video, but it starts right now. Anyway, we'll be watching it — even though we saw the photo shoot shots already — and those other live photos — but whatever, we'll have screen caps and video up from the live reveal shortly. [FerrariCalifornia] UPDATE: A few guys showed up. Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, and um... what's his name... oh yeah, Michael Schumacher. UPDATE 2: Schumi drove a California onto the stage, with Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo riding shotgun. The two yacked on about passion and heritage and technology for quite awhile. Then Luca told Felipe and Kimi that it was their bedtime, but dessert time for all the grown-ups. UPDATE 3: We were going to post some video clips, but to be honest, the live feed really sucked. If you don't believe us, it looks like they're replaying it again right now. Perhaps Ferrari is still getting the hang of this whole "internet" thing.


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