Ferrari 599 Hybrid: Porco Dio!

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At yesterday's 2010 Ferrari F1 presentation, Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezemolo announced the prancin' Italian Stallion's officially unveiling a 599 Hybrid prototype at the Geneva Motor Show. Worse yet, the model's destined for production. New F1 car and blasphemy below.



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An Amped up Ferrari...I'm excited, but I know that's not the concencus. Trouble is, I dont see how this will be bad at all. Ferrari has a reputation for fast, and the US has fuel consumption standards that they might not meet without these cars in their lineup. I'll take a few hybrids over no Ferraris.

It will add some weight, but also adds 4wheel drive for less weight than traditional 4wd. Also, weight can be good in certain lower the center of gravity thus improving grip for example.

Weight does not have to be too much if Ferrari does not plan on having the motors exclusively drive the vehicle, and if they use ultra-capacitors instead of just batteries. Ultra-capacitors have huge power discharge rates, so their could even be a KERS button. Ulracaps, and a Lion pack would give a weight and power discharge rate advantage over just batteries.

It will add low-speed driveability and power. (Remember, they aren't removing the gas engine, just adding more power (TORQUE!) via electric supplement). And no-one here minds more power, last I checked.

On top of that....I'm sure Ferrari is sick of being embarrassed by Teslas on the street.

If you cant beat em...