Ferrari Announces Hybrid Development, World Officially Gone Mad

If you hadn't already divined it from the tea leaves Ferrari has been sprinkling around lately, hybridization is officially coming to the Ferrari stable. Whether it was the bold proclamation at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show that Ferrari would reduce its emissions by 40% by 2012, or the recent hybridized F1 cars outfitted with the KERS system, we all knew it had to happen. Apparently 2015 is where the blindly thrown dart landed on the wall of time.


Ferrari President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo stressed in an interview with German mag Welt am Sonntag (World on Sunday) it was their goal to reach the emissions targets, but the car that emerges will still need be "fundamentally a Ferrari." We agree, and think that if anyone can pull it off, Ferrari can — when cost is essentially no object, a hybrid can be a fire-breathing, huge-torque road menace. And there's no reason to expect anything less from the prancing pony. []

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