FBI Arrests Man Who Conned Investors Out Of $455,700 For A Race That Was Never Going To Happen

When you tell someone you're going to bring home an endurance race, you'd better do it, especially if those you've promised it to gave you a bunch of money.

Curtis Boggs told Cincinnati they'd get a 24-hour endurance race, then there wasn't one, then he fled to Mexico. He had collected $455,700.


But the FBI was on his trail, and caught him crossing the border into California, where they believe he's been holed up since his alleged scam was discovered. Federal grand jury indictment documents say that Boggs had promised investors a 10 to 15 percent return, but that he instead used the money for house payments and a new Lincoln MKX, among other personal uses.

Boggs is currently wearing an ankle bracelet and living with family in Cincinnati, but if he's convicted, he'll go to prison for a while.

If that ends up being the case, the judge should sentence Boggs, set him free, then have him arrested on the courthouse steps and thrown in prison just when he thinks he's getting away. It would be a huge letdown for him, I know, but fair's fair. And if you think that such public shaming is unnecessary, we know of another Ohio judge who would disagree.


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