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Fast And Furious Model Competition Confirms Worst Fears

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just as we were starting to feel somewhat better about the Fast And Furious movie, the marketing team launches a mildly offensive model competition.


The first film, The Fast And The Furious, walked the line between a film for "that guy" and a film for car guys. We ignored the parts of the original film highlighting the stereotypes of the import culture scene and tried to enjoy the film for what it was. This wasn't possible with the second film, which was almost entirely un-enjoyable. We were hoping the fourth film would once again walk-the-line, allowing us to watch it without feeling sick.

Then we saw the "Fast And Furious Model Competition" advertised on the official website and almost splattered our Raisin Bran on our keyboard. Seriously? The almost universally crude and inartistic photos of bikini-clad women on cars is perhaps the worst part of the import tuner scene and this competition makes the film look like this is what it's all about.


Ironically, the tagline for the new film is "New Model. Original Parts." A quick scan through the photos shows a lot of fake parts.

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