Famous Schumacher Taxi On Sale: Bid Fast, Bid Very Fast

We told you about Schumacher's Taxi Ride in which he commandeered a taxi in order to get his family to the airport on time. While we all think it's kind of badass that the driver recognized driving greatness and relinquished control to Schumi &mdash the authorities don't quite see it that way and are considering talking punitive actions against the Schum and the driver. But the driver has a plan to make some money: auction that puppy off.


The Opel Vivaro taxi (a different one pictured) has ten potential bidders interested with a bid as high as 63,000 euros (or about $93,000). "I need the money &mdash because of the Schumi-Ride I could be in big trouble with the police," the taxi driver said. We hope this story has a happy ending. Maybe next year's Race of Champions will feature a head-to-head Minivan race. [F1 Live via AutoBlog]

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