Drivers, team bosses and senior executives from major sponsors are making elaborate plans to avoid meeting or being photographed with Max Mosley during the Monaco Grand Prix. The May 25th race will be the first Mosley will attend since the Max Mosley Sex Video leaked. According to The Times, some teams are even going as far as employing scouts to keep them informed of Mosley's location and movements.


The Times goes on to report that "the clear majority of team managers" think that Mosley's refusal to resign is hurting the sport. According to the paper, the Monaco Royal Family have expressed similar concerns. Mosley was ordered by the Royal family of Bahrain not to attend their F1 round, didn't attend the Spanish Grand Prix for fear of embarrassing King Juan Carlos and the Turkish Prime Minister's office approached Bernie Ecclestone to ensure their boss wouldn't encounter the besieged FIA President.

FIA's general assembly will meet on June 3rd for a vote of no confidence in their President. [via The Times]