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F1’s Texas Race Is the Same Week As NASCAR’s and Texas Motor Speedway’s President Is Having a Fit

Cars at the Texas Motor Speedway weekend in November.
Cars at the Texas Motor Speedway weekend in November.
Photo: Brian Jones

Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage is more territorial than a cat claiming a cardboard box, and hoo boy, people are really stepping on this cat’s tail this week. But do you know what else cats have? They have claws. Gossage’s have come right on out, and it is not pretty.


It’s also not going to do much, since this same thing happened a few years ago.

Formula One announced its preliminary 2019 race schedule on Friday, and the plans are for the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin to be later than usual next year. The race will be Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, which happens to be the same day as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway next year. This happened in 2014, and Gossage wasn’t happy then, either.


The NASCAR race in Texas is pretty much always in the first week of November, and reports that Texas Motor Speedway’s 2019 schedule with that race date has been out since April. Gossage, known for making contracts that prevent major racing series from racing at other venues in Texas, is not happy at all about F1 deciding to use the same date. From

“Shame on Formula 1 for doing this to the fans. Fans have recognized this as the NASCAR date on this weekend since its inception long before Circuit of the Americas was built,” Gossage said in a statement.

“I would think a lot of fans – myself included – would enjoy going to both races. Now Formula One is making fans choose only one. Yet another bad call by Formula 1 showing their infamous indifference toward the fans.”

But that is certainly not all, folks. Gossage is on Twitter, the worst place to go when you have more than approximately 12 followers and you’re mad about something, reminding everyone that F1 does not care and everything is bad.


Gossage also mixed in a couple of invitations for President Donald Trump to host a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz at Texas Motor Speedway during all of the F1 fuss, even beginning to sound like The Man himself. “We have the biggest screens!”


It makes sense to be mad about a double booking of two major motorsports events in the same state. It really does. But when you’re mad, the best advice is to avoid Tweeting Through It, especially when F1 is the organization that set the date. Angry tweets show that one side is more concerned than the other.


Plus, just let the paying customers tweet for you. Because, honestly, F1 isn’t going to tweet anybody back. Those folks are still new to the internet.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Fat Alonso

I am sure there are some, but I am not aware of any F1 fans that are also avid NASCAR fans. I am not convinced that more than 500-1000 people would normally buy a ticket for both events.