F1 PR Stunt Gone Wrong Is Almost Too Awkward To Watch

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You know those shows where the interviewer knows unbelievably personal details about the interviewee’s background? The first record they bought? Their first dog’s favorite afternoon snack? Here’s what happens when that goes terribly wrong.

As WTF1 discovered, Dutch TV show RTL Late Night had Robbie Williams (he’s like Europe’s Justin Timberlake, fellow Americans) on as a guest and gleefully told him that they knew he’s a big fan of Formula 1. Robbie, aghast, had to let his host down. Hard.

Robbie: I don’t drive. Is that what this is?

Host: You don’t drive? But you do like Formula 1!

Robbie: No I don’t!

Host [terrified]: You don’t?

[...some more horrifying back-and-forth...]

Robbie [searching for something to help out his terrified host]: Unless you’ve got somebody who’s a Formula 1 driver that’s going to say hello to me in a message...IN WHICH CASE I LOVE FORMULA 1!


Indeed, RTL Late Night had gotten an F1 driver to record a message for the befuddled Robbie. They’d nabbed Dutch F1 phenom Max Verstappen, the youngest winner the sport has ever seen.

The message was, unsurprisingly, just about the most awkward PR stunt you have ever witnessed:

Sweet, young, innocent Max politely invited Robbie Williams to come to an F1 race. Robbie had to politely tell his RTL host that he had no idea who Max Verstappen is.