F1 Carbon Watch Concept Doesn't Include Hookers

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Despite what you may or may not think about F1 racing in light of the recent hooker-centric events, it's still a pretty damn popular sport. As such, John Pszeniczny has taken inspiration from the racing series to create the F1/Carbon GMT watch. This design's a concept made of carbon fiber — we think to make it lighter so it can, you know, go faster — Swarovski crystals, rubber and metal. One particularly cool feature is the watch's ability to tell you the time at the 18 different F1 circuit cities — so you never, ever miss a race start. It also includes a lap timer, as well as a stop watch. Unfortunately although it's only a concept, we think Nike should totally snag the design and make them. Or maybe Heidi Fleiss. [Yanko via Giz]



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