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Bernie Ecclestone, the bowl-behaircutted leader of Formula One, sometimes (who are we kidding, all the time) opens his mouth and has stupid things to say.


Today, this beautiful, illustrious Saturday before the Bahrain Grand Prix, is no different. When asked about all the protests surrounding the race, Ecclestone flapped his gums some more in an interview with Yahoo! Eurosport:

"The government here are really in a lot of ways stupid to put this race on because it's a platform for people to use to protest."


I'm not sure what's worse here- that Bernie is blaming the government for putting on the race, when he's the one who decides whether or not a race will even be allowed on the schedule, or that he's calling a government "stupid" for giving people a platform for which they can (illegally) express displeasure.

It's definitely the latter, but luckily for us Bernie wasn't done with his stupidity, as he continued to move his mouth and have noises come out of it. When asked whether or not Bahrain should even be hosting a race with its questionable human rights record, he pleaded ignorance about this alien concept of human rights:

"We don't go anywhere to judge how a country is run," he said. "I keep asking people what human rights are. I don't know what they are.

"The rights are; the people that live in a country abide by the laws of the country, whatever they are.

"I might be in Africa and I can do 200km/h on the highway with no problem. If I come to England and do the same thing, I'm in trouble.

"So it's a case of: whatever the laws are in a country, people need to respect them."

One can only hope that Bernie isn't just noticing this now, as such protests already happened last year. And the year before that, when it was cancelled.


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