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Apparently worried that wealthy metalheads of a certain age were without a properly sizable mobile lair in which to torture their captives, the Goodwood Guys rolled out the extended-wheelbase Phantom at Pebble Beach, and are now flying the Spirit of Ecstacy into the heart of the beast the Frankfurt Motor Show. Oh wait, sorry, 1940 flashback there. Happens sometimes. But the shell-shock this enormous, ostentatious machine induces is simply stupefying.

The first cars will be built for delivery to the wealthy scions of the Middle East in the early autumn. Rolls is also displaying what we like to call its Phantom of the Executive Washroom, which comes complete with a rear-seat telephone and some unspecified measure of laptop connectivity, a theatre package, a li'l fridge and crystal glasses. Essentially, the damn car packs in so much luxury it's almost nauseating to think about. Binge and purge, baby. Binge and purge.

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