Experience The Sheer Horror Of A Crashed Porsche 959 In Montreal

Listen carefully. That sound you're hearing now? That's the sound of car enthusiasts all over the world screaming in agony after this Porsche 959 crashed in Montreal last night.


The story comes to us from the forums at Montreal Racing. Apparently, the flip-flop-wearing driver of this 959 lost control in a curve, trashing his hood and front end from what we can see from these photos.

I'd like to take this time to remind everyone that it's not okay to wreck exotic cars. Also, it's really, really, REALLY not okay to wreck a Group B-inspired rally racing legend with only a few hundred copies in existence.

If anyone has more pictures or info about this crash, hit us up in the comments. (Hat tip to Patru!)

Photos credit: Montreal Racing

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