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With a name like Executive Slacks, you know they're gonna be good.

This is the B-side off their self-titled debut in '83. I found these guys while looking for some Front 242 on the late, great Last Days Of Man On Earth, which had this to say about the band.

Executive Slacks were another really cool old Philadelphia band that is all but forgotten today. Influenced strongly by Killing Joke, these early industrial noisemongers would have been a good fit alongside Ministry and Front 242 on the early Wax Trax! Records label. In fact, these guys were making quite a ruckus while Al Jourgensen and company were still trying to sound like Depeche Mode. Instead, Executive Slacks recordings were released on the Fundamental and Red Record labels and I think that may be why they are more obscure to a lot of folks than Ministry. I have not heard their later recordings but this, their first release, captures them in all of their nihilistic glory.

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