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When video of a Bullrun crash involving an Audi R8, Ice-T, and an innocent civilian surfaced last month, something wasn't right. Seconds after the crash, audio from the Lamborghini chase car mysteriously cut out, and now we know why: Because of Lambo cowards. Here's exclusive video obtained by Jalopnik of the crash.


During the final leg of the 2011 Bullrun rally from Las Vegas to Miami, a handful of cars were barreling down the freeway outside of Orlando. Among them was a white Lamborghini with photographer Jason Thorgalsen riding shotgun.


Thorgalsen was shooting video when the R8 Spyder juked right to pass a Honda Accord, failed to see Ice-T's Mercedes, slammed into the side of his SL55, and then wedged itself underneath the Honda, causing the Accord to spin into the median barrier.

Video of the crash surfaced last month, nearly three years after the event, and the video shot by Thorgalsen goes mute before cutting to another perspective.

In the uncut video obtained by Jalopnik, that audio is intact, with the driver of the Lambo nailing the throttle as Thorgalsen screams, "Get the fuck out of here! Go, go, go! We can't be here. They'll arrest everyone."

While Florida law may not require a witness to a crash to stop, common decency says otherwise. If there's a high speed crash and possible injuries, an upright citizen has a basic civic responsibility to check on his fellow human beings, and even provide a statement to the police.


The driver and Thorgalsen are pissing on that social contract. Which isn't a huge surprise, considering Thorgalsen appears to have filmed the same Lambo doing 206 mph on a public road around the same time as the rally.


You'll notice numerous other drivers in the rally stop, including both a Mercedes and a Porsche. And Matt Farah, who was participating in the rally tells Jalopnik that, "When I got to that accident, which is five to seven minutes after that happened, there were a bunch of people pulled over."

But Thorgalsen and unnamed Lambo-driving companion weren't among them.

We reached out to Thorgalsen, who said, "Accidents happen. We filmed an accident. And we didn't legally have to pull over."


UPDATE 3:51 PM ET: We just spoke with Sgt. Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol, who said that while witnesses aren't required by law to stop after a crash, the police rely heavily on the accounts of people on the scene.

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